Northern Irish Speak

As the locals will tell ye “here’s how till spake Norn Iron so it is”, this quick page of phrases should get you by when you go backpacking in Northern Ireland.

Norn Iron – Northern Ireland
Down South – Republic of Ireland
Across the Water – Mainland UK/Great Britain
Yer Man – That Guy
Yer Woman – That Woman

Here’s me till im – This is what I said in response
Ulster Fry – Northern Irish breakfast
Bout ye! – Hello, How are you?
Wind yer neck in – Get a grip of yourself, you’re talking rubbish
Catch yerself on – Get a grip of yourself, you’re talking rubbish

Food and Drink
Tattie Bread – Potato Bread
Soda – Soda Bread
Carryout/C.O. – Takeaway alcohol
Dulse – Dried salted seaweed
Champ – Mashed potatoes (normally with spring onions)
Scallions – Spring Onions
Tayto – Best crisps in the world
Pastie Supper – Pastie and chips

Fly nets – Any person can be the goalkeeper as long as it’s only one in the box handling at any one time
By ball – The ball has gone past the by line and it’s a goal kick
Doing nets – The goalkeeper